Easy Tips to Store Kitchen Appliances

You always find it difficult to keep your kitchen clean and organized because it is not spacious enough to store all your kitchen appliances. Worse, your kitchen becomes much cluttered every time you cook and prepare your dishes. You need a bigger space for your kitchen if you have excess kitchen appliances. But extending a small kitchen space can be expensive, as it often needs extensive remodeling. You don’t actually have to spend a lot on floorings, fixtures, and lights just to have an extra storage and counters. Instead of trimming your budget or putting up with the hassles of preparing food in a messy kitchen, try to consider some creative ways on how to store and organize kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens, blenders, crock pots, hand mixers, and electric knives.

If you have a lot of kitchen gadgets try to check if they are still working and sort them out. Dispose all kitchen appliances that are no longer functioning, so they won’t take up more space on your countertop. Make sure to keep kitchen appliance cords organized by winding them up. You can also use rubber bands and wire twist ties to tidily gather appliance cords. It’s also efficient to use cord clips specially designed for the flexible binding or tying up objects.

When you organize your kitchen make sure to determine which appliances are frequently used and when you often use them. Those items that you only use when there are special occasions at home like roasting pans and slow cookers should be placed on the upper shelves or above the kitchen cabinets. You can even stock up the garage or attic with kitchen appliances that you don’t often use. If you have a storage cupboard you can use it to stock excess kitchen items. All items that you often use should be kept in places that are easy to reach. For instance, if you love to bake it’s more convenient to place mixing bowls, measuring cups, broiling pans and other appliances needed for baking in the lower or upper shelves. It’s also important to group items that go together. Items for cooking like stove, pots, pans, pot holders, and spoons should have their own storage area.

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