Babylon translation software on review

As we have mentioned before, choosing the right piece of translation software can be a daunting task, especially for someone who is new to the field and who does not know what to expect. There are a number of people who believe that translation software will always, in 100% of cases give the translation that is going to be the same as the translation you would get from a native speaker of the language into which the text was translated. However, until we develop artificial intelligence, this will most probably remain something impossible. Still, there are amazing translation software and in this article, we will be reviewing the one we believe is the best, Babylon.

From the first moment you come into contact with Babylon, you can feel what kind of a program it is. It is a program that was meant for the user. It all starts with the installation that is as easy as clicking a few buttons, with automated installation and without any hassle at all. It is such an important thing that many developers of translation software do not think of. They tend to underestimate how important it is to be able to jump in straight away and start using the program without having to go through instructions or tutorials. Babylon is extremely intuitive from the get go and using it is done with such ease.

Another very important feature of Babylon is that it works with all the different kinds of formats. Some programs are much inferior in this respect, limiting you, for example, to working only with .txt files or .pdf files. Babylon is as versatile as they come and it also works with other applications and programs, not only the text editors like Word or Notepad or Adobe reader. It works with Excel for example and it has no troubles working with other programs as well.

One of the crucial features and one that makes Babylon such a great program is that it works with dozens of languages. Of course, you need to remember that some of the languages may not be covered in as much detail as the biggest ones, but Babylon is a work in progress and it is being updated and improved daily, even hourly. Today, more than 70 languages are supported, to a differing extent, with the ultimate goal being extreme quality translations for all the biggest languages in the world.

Babylon is also very friendly towards your resources. It can be kept to work in the background without hogging any of the resources of your computer. This means that you can always have it ready to go, allowing you to use it almost instantly if the need arises. It is a perfect choice for people who find themselves in constant need for translations, especially if they need them as quickly as possible.

Another very important advantage of Babylon over other similar pieces of translation software is that it provides you with the option to have the translation read out to you. There are a number of situations in which this will come in handy and we are sure that many people will appreciate this feature. We must also mention the fact that Babylon comes with spell checker, as well as converters for time zones and currencies, as well as most common measurements. In addition to this, Babylon also includes a number of different specialized dictionaries which ensure that the translation is the best possible.

All in all, there are a number of different features and capabilities that make Babylon the number 1 piece of translation software today.